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Whether you are purchasing or selling real estate, our office possesses the necessary experience to ensure that your interests are fully protected.  If we represent you as the seller, we will prepare a comprehensive contract, forward it to the purchaser's attorneys and negotiate any proposed changes.  If we represent you as the purchaser, we will review the proposed contract, prepare a comprehensive rider and negotiate any needed changes.  Throughout the process, we are easily accessible, and we make certain to stay in contact with you in order to advise you of the status of your transaction.  Prior to closing, we will advise you in detail of your closing costs, most of which are described below.

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  • Applicable taxes, fees and costs for the purchaser can include:
  • Peconic Bay Region Tax (2.5% of the purchase price less $400,000.00 for improved land in Southampton Town as Updated); 
  • Mortgage Recording Tax (3/4 of 1% of the mortgage amount);
  • Mansion Tax (1% of purchase price if the price exceeds $1,000,000.00);
  • Property Tax Adjustment;
  • Fuel Adjustment;
  • Title Insurance;
  • New Survey, if needed;
  • Engineer's Report, if needed;
  • Mortgage and Deed filing fees;
  • Lender's fees;
  • Insurance Premiums;
  • Attorney fees

Applicable Taxes, Fees, and Costs for Sellers:

• Commission to the Real Estate Broker
• New York State Transfer Tax
• Any Applicable Mortgage Loan Payoffs
• Attorney Fees